Staffing & Application Services

Many companies have a shortage of IBM i staff to maintain and enhance their systems. In some cases, retiring resources may take with them all the knowledge of business-critical applications and leave the company with no one trained to take care of the system. In other instances, small teams with large workloads mean that IT projects are often postponed or take too long to complete. Our Application Services team is available with all the experience and skills you might need.

We have a flexible portfolio of services that allow you to hire our IBM i experts to help with anything you need:

  • Application maintenance and backlog
  • Development in RPG, COBOL, CA 2E (Synon), Java and PHP
  • Code modernization, refactoring and modularization
  • System administration
  • Database maintenance
  • Application documentation

You can choose to bring our experts to work as part of your team, or to let us manage the whole project; you may need extra help for three months, for a year, or for undetermined time; we have your back in every situation.


Finding skilled, knowledgeable IBM i resources can be tough. Instead of recruiting and training new employees each time you need extra help, you can hire professionals from Fresche to work as part of your team. We have a pool of experienced IBM i professionals proficient in all technologies surrounding the IBM i, with best IT practices.

  • Save time and money and reduce risk - hours and length of contract are flexible
  • Ensure continuity - any Fresche professional working with your team is backed up by another Fresche resource trained in your system
  • Get all the skills you need - all Fresche resources count on our whole team to provide expert advice.

Application Services:

Sometimes, the best approach is to completely outsource part or all of your IT activities. Maybe your only IBM i programmer is retiring, taking with him all the knowledge of the application, or perhaps you want your company to focus on what it does best; we can meet your IT needs and make sure technology supports your business goals.

  • An expert team of over 150 skilled IBM i professionals, many with more than 20 years of experience in IBM i languages and databases
  • Deep familiarity with leading management and modernization tools that increase productivity and the quality of applications - save time and money and get high quality results in the short and long terms.


Tools that help our services stand out

Application development, testing, implementation

Our specialists save you time and money on new development, maintenance and enhancements of existing applications by taking advantage of our analysis and productivity tools, which guarantee accuracy and code quality.

Application support and enhancement

Our specialists can quickly learn your applications, implement changes to your code and improve maintainability and code quality by using proven tools that map, document and analyze your applications and perform automated impact analysis.

Want to talk about Application Services for your company?

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Success Stories

  • JF Fabrics achieved 30% reduction in IT labor cost, 60% faster onboarding of new staff and 100% application knowledge transfer with our Staffing & Application Services.