Modernization Solutions

Make the Transition in IT from Legacy to Mainstream 

Enterprises seeking to increase their business agility and enable cloud, mobility, software as a service (SaaS) and Big Data strategies often find their ability to react and respond to changing market conditions hampered by restrictive legacy applications and technology.  To capitalize on future business opportunity, compete effectively, and serve their customers better, businesses need to evolve and transition their legacy environments to a more mainstream, modern model.

Fresche Legacy has helped hundreds of enterprises around the world align key business goals with the transformation of applications, and take advantage of modern technologies, such as SOA to improve IT efficiency, reduce IT cost, future-proof the business and mitigate risk.  Our comprehensive, yet flexible approach to today’s modernization challenges, provides IT organizations with increased assurance in their strategy, improved predictability within the process, and guaranteed results – as evidenced by our many successful engagements delivered around the world.   

Explore our IT Modernization Solutions

Organizations seeking to modernize their legacy applications and technologies can take advantage of the Fresche approach from concept to maintenance, or choose to engage for a specific project best suited to their current needs and budget.  Our modernization solutions include:   

Automated modernization

Using proven, automated tools, coupled with decades of legacy modernization expertise, Fresche’s team will modernize existing legacy applications to take advantage of latest technologies while preserving and leveraging the application’s functionality, business processes and structure. 

Web enablement

Fresche Legacy’s team of experts will bring your legacy applications forward to the Web, enhancing the look and feel and improving the overall usability of the system.

Service Oriented Architecture  (SOA)

Fresche Legacy’s team of experts can enable your SOA strategy, and help architect extendable applications.  We will wrap existing application functionality with services, and/or develop a communication layer that leverages SOA concepts while preserving the existing legacy system. This approach increases the application’s flexibility and responsiveness through the use of methodologies and technologies specifically designed to help identify, package and reutilize key application components.

Tool assisted re-architecting/re-write

Fresche Legacy’s automated re-architecting solution is a tools-based approach that captures all business processes and rules contained in a legacy application and leverages them to re-architect or re-write into a new environment, allowing enterprises to reduce their code and technology footprint, make the move to a modern infrastructure and accelerate application development activity through access to modern languages, databases and technologies.

Cloud enablement

For companies seeking to move their legacy applications to the cloud, Fresche Legacy offers legacy application transformation to a variety of cloud models, including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and even software as a service (SaaS). Transformed applications can run on reliable public or private clouds that can be self-managed or managed by Fresche Legacy.

Mobile enablement

Fresche legacy’s team of experts can enable existing legacy applications on a range of mobile devices from smart phones, to tablets, to Google glass,  helping to transform the way the enterprise conducts business with its end users, customers and partners.