HP e3000

As a company that has been offering products and solutions on the HP e3000 for decades, Fresche Legacy has extensive experience with all HP e3000 technologies, languages, third-party utilities and their replacements. With well over a 100 migrations to date, retiring 757 HP e3000 servers, there is rarely an issue that we haven’t already encountered and solved.

Fresche Legacy is a charter member of Hewlett-Packard's HP e3000 Platinum Migration Partner program, and one of only two companies to have this certification. Companies looking to migrate their application environments, outsource application support, or augment current staffing requirements can count on Fresche Legacy for complete solutions and assistance, including planning and analysis, application and database migration tools and services, onsite development and deployment, complete project management and more.   

Our portfolio encompasses a comprehensive offering that includes the following:

Strategy and Discovery Services

  • Strategic planning 
  • Application analysis
  • Roadmaps
  • Compliance audit
  • Application Inventory
  • Modernization plan

Modernization Solutions

  • Application modernization solutions
  • Cloud enablement
  • Mobility
  • SOA

Application Support Services

  • Staff augmentation/ resourcing
  • Application support and maintenance
  • Application enhancements
  • Business process optimitization
Component Start-State End-State Options
HP e3000, MPE
UNIX, Linux, Windows
Languages & Utilities
COBOL, PowerHouse 4GL, Speedware 4GL, Fortran, RPG, BASIC, Pascal, Transact, Protos, C, SPL
COBOL-IT, Micro Focus COBOL, PowerHouse, C, C#.NET, Java, TransAction, DataExpress
JCL, UDC’s, Command files
Unix/Linux/Windows scripts, AMXW Shell
Qedit, Suprtool, Vista, Sheetmate, NB-SPOOL,JobRescue, Maestro, Fantasia, Formation, Librarian, FCOPY, MPEX, Security3000, Streamx, TimeMachine, Adager, DBGeneral, Query, DataExpress, EasyReporter, Omnidex, Superdex, JobRescue
Target platform native equivalents
VPlus, Reflection/Minisoft terminal emulation
EZV, Edwin,
Windows (ASP) or Java web client
5250 client, Minisoft, Reflection
Turbo Image, Allbase, KSAM, Flat Files, Circular files, Message files
CISAM, DISAM, Microfocus Indexed files, AMXW equivalents


“Speedware is a certified HP e3000 Platinum Transition Partner and the clear leader in performing HP e3000 migrations for our customers.”

Alvina Nishimoto, HP e3000 Program Manager, HEWLETT-PACKARD

“Speedware is Cognos’ preferred migration partner and is the only company to have performed large-scale PowerHouse migrations”

Charlie Maloney, Sr. Account Mgr, IBM COGNOS

“Migrating Suprtool code  is easy. The difficulty lies in making it work within the JCL and other migrated languages, such as COBOL, Powerhouse and migrating the different data sources, like Image, KSAM, etc. Speedware has an unparalleled expertise in this and together with the AMXW product, they have built the necessary technology bridges to ensure this works seamlessly."

Neil Armstrong, Software Architect, Robelle


Success Stories

  • Smooth Sailing for Virginia International Terminals

  • High Marks for Migration Tools

  • International financials package migrates to meet market demands.

  • Fresche allowed Tenex to redevelop applications in a matter of months, not years.

  • Giant Televised Retailer sold on Fresche Legacy services

  • A+ for Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana migration project.

  • Lewis Bakeries - A Fresche Quick Start Success Story.

  • ING Australia Lowers IT Costs With Migration Strategy.

  • Express migration for Expeditors.

  • CT3

    CT3 Inc. migrated applications to the HP-UX platform and won new contracts.

  • The City of Phoenix’s successful database modernization allowed them to become compliant, reduce business risk and liability.

  • The San Francisco Department of Public Health uses Fresche’s Business Intelligence software to analyze and report on patient data and billing by healthcare providers.

  • Fresche Legacy Delivers an Effective Migration Strategy for CCPUD

  • Chandler Unified School District - A Fresche Quick Start Success Story.

  • A modernization Roadmap allowed AIG Hawaii to assess the available options regarding the costs and effort involved in a future migration initiative.