Strategy and Discovery Services

Gain Insight into Your Application Portfolio and Map a Future Direction for Your Business

Businesses today need to improve their agility, grow revenues, increase their competitiveness, and enable new levels of customer satisfaction.

A well crafted and executed legacy management and modernization strategy allows enterprises to harness the power of legacy systems – still the workhorses of many an enterprise – while leveraging modern technologies to streamline the application portfolio.  This approach enables business to better meet changing user demand, reduce maintenance costs, mitigate potential compliance risk, and eliminate redundancy. 

Strategy and Discovery Services quickly and efficiently offer organizations the ability to gain insight into their application portfolio, providing a 360 degree view of the business’s legacy technology landscape and its alignment – or lack of – to business goals and future direction.  Leveraging our Look, Think, Design, Do and Improve methodology, Fresche’s solutions focus on the upfront analysis, strategy and planning process – paving the way to achieving successful business results.

Fresche Legacy has been offering products and solutions to the IBM i, Mainframe and HP e3000 market for over 35 years. For a look at our platform specifc offerings please see the following pages.


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Strategic Planning

Drawing on decades of experience and 100s of successful legacy transformation projects, Fresche Legacy’s consulting team works with a client’s stakeholders to understand the business’s unique processes, IT environment and end goals, and determine a customer-specific best-fit approach to maintain, transform and evolve your legacy applications.

Legacy Management Planning

Working with key stakeholders, the Fresche Legacy team will identify viable legacy management options and outline a support strategy for the key applications required to run the business, change the business, optimize the business, and for business innovation.

Modernization Strategy & Roadmaps

The engagement begins with an objective review our client’s business improvement goals and desired end state, followed by a determination of the best legacy modernization approach to deliver on these goals.  This strategic planning effort ultimately results in a long range, option-based roadmap specifically tailored to achieving a client’s modernization goals and objectives. 

Application Inventory Assessment

Fresche Legacy’s application inventory assessment brings critical business viewpoint to a client’s application portfolio.  Leveraging purpose-built, specialized tools, our team of experts will perform a comprehensive inventory of the client’s application portfolio to catalogue and visualize active, inactive, unsupported and obsolete components, technologies, infrastructure and systems, then map relationships to existing business processes and documentation.

Application Enhancement Strategy

Designed to align a client’s business improvement outcomes with the right modernization strategy, Fresche Legacy’s application enhancement strategy works to maximize, prioritize and categorize investment into the key areas of IT responsible for running the business, changing the business, optimizing the business, and business innovation.

Application Support Options

Fresche Legacy will review the legacy application environment, evaluate against business objectives, and propose a range of viable outsourced application support models aimed at achieving the client’s desired business improvement goals.

Legacy Environment Compliance Audit

Performed by a team of experts with extensive knowledge of today’s regulatory climate, this comprehensive assessment of a client’s legacy application portfolio identifies potential regulatory or legal compliance risk to the business, and determines the most appropriate modern technologies to mitigate and prevent compliance risk.  

Application Consolidation Strategy

Fresche Legacy’s application consolidation strategy brings clarity to a client’s opaque and complex legacy application environment.  Taking a 360 degree view of the application portfolio, Fresche Legacy’s consultants will identify obsolete and/or unused components within the legacy environment, uncover risks associated with unsupported components, and examine the complete environment including application languages, data, databases, files and third-party tools and technologies.  

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