Today, legacy application modernization is a necessity. To stay competitive, be responsive to growing market needs and help support business growth, your IT needs to evolve. 

So, where do you start? How do you decide on priorities? More importantly, how do you determine your end goal?

At Fresche Legacy, our specialty is helping you reach your business goals and outcomes by better managing, enhancing and evolving your legacy application environment. 

You can count on Fresche Legacy for complete management and modernization solutions, including planning and analysis, application and database modernization tools, onsite development and deployment, complete project management and ongoing application support. 

As part of our world-renowned legacy management solutions, Fresche has an extensive portfolio of IBM i application modernization and optimization products and services. Our automated tools are purpose built to help you quickly take advantage of modern computing abilities such as Web, Mobile and Cloud. Our complete portfolio includes:

  • Strategy and Discovery services for planning and starting your modernization effort
  • Innovative products that provide a 360-degree view of your environment and automate UI, application and database modernization
  • Modernization services to help you carry out your modernization project and achieve your business goals
  • Application Support Services focused on helping you improve productivity, enhance business process and optimize your application environment Support Center.