X-Analysis Software Suite

Ensuring the continuity and quality of your IBM i applications

X-Analysis: To understand and efficiently manage your IBM i lifecycle

IT managers are increasingly turning to code analysis to improve visibility and productivity and capture vital knowledge stored within your IBM i applications. 

Knowledge of these critical applications allows developers to easily update and incorporate ongoing changes to the base system, ensuring productivity and consistency.

X-Analysis key features:

  • Automated graphical documentation: abstracts code implementation and makes it easy for IT to visualize and understand application design and flow.
  • Powerful impact analysis tracks “where used” information starting from a single field or variable through all iterations and associated variables and fields.
  • Extraction of relational data models from RPG/COBOL/SYNON facilitates database modernization and re-engineering efforts.
  • Extraction of business rules from RPG/COBOL enables IT to cross-reference, consolidate and store business rules, exposing the business logic that forms the nucleus of the application.
  • Design, quality and complexity metrics help IT measure and track program complexities against established benchmarks such as Cyclomatic, Halstead, and Maintainability Index.
  • Automated RPG/COBOL/SYNON and DB Conversion allows IT to transform legacy assets into modern languages and databases quickly, and without exposing the business to risk