Speedware BI and Development Tools

Speedware Enterprise Development Tools

Companies have relied on Speedware Entreprise Development Tools to create a variety of mission-critical business applications for 20 years. In fact, several Fortune 50 companies around the world use Speedware V7 to power their applications.

Speedware V7

Speedware V7 is a complete development suite for enterprise-scale business applications designed to run on the HP e3000, HP-UX and Windows platforms. It is comprised of Speedware 4GL & Speedware Designer.

It includes all of the necessary components to design, develop, test, and execute applications - all from within a single development and run-time environment. Speedware V7 combines the Rapid Application Development concept with state-of-the-art high-level scripting language to deliver fast results.

Autobahn II

Speedware Autobahn II is an affordable enterprise-scale Web development platform designed for rapid deployment of Web applications on the HP e3000, HP-UX and Windows platforms. It is based on open Web architecture and allows users to develop secure, scalable and robust Web applications - at a fraction of the price of other enterprise-scale development tools.


SpeedWeb is an innovative product designed to instantly web-enable Speedware V7 applications - without having to modify the application code at all. If the time is right to improve the look of your existing character-based applications, SpeedWeb is the easiest, most affordable way to go.

Visual Speedware

Visual Speedware is an innovative multi-developer environment built on Microsoft Visual Basic to rapidly create and deploy complex and robust graphical client/server applications. It combines the client-side strength of Visual Basic with Speedware's powerful server-side technology.


Business Intelligence

Speedware’s business intelligence (BI) solutions are designed to allow companies to easily turn the volumes of data they collect and store into meaningful information – to best manage their operations.

When key information is readily accessible, you can make better and timelier business decisions. Speedware offers a comprehensive suite of data analytics and reporting solutions to allow individuals throughout a company to assess business performance from a number of angles, based on data from numerous sources. A shared, consolidated view of key business performance measurements is crucial in supporting decision-making.

Speedware’s suite of BI solutions features query, reporting, on-line analytical processing (OLAP), data mining and performance measurement technology to improve the analysis of business processes and customer information. Our BI software applications are rich in functionality, capable of satisfying complex customer requirements and have evolved into strategic tools for the enterprise to improve productivity and business performance.


Esperant is a sophisticated query and reporting solution that empowers organizations to rapidly query complex data and generate custom reports for improved business performance. Esperant's robust query generator uses English language statements to easily generate correct SQL syntax for accurate reporting. Esperant also offers powerful predefined query formats that make complex reports just a point & click away. Esperant's Visualizer supports data mining through its graphical interface that helps analyze correlations between data elements. With both Web and desktop front ends, Esperant provides easy access to data from multiple sources to enhance decision-making at all organizational levels.


Media is an advanced On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) solution that enables organizations to easily analyze complex operational and customer data for improved business performance.

Media rapidly transforms raw data from multiple sources into valuable corporate information using a variety of flexible OLAP configurations, including relational, multidimensional, relational/multidimensional hybrid and vectorial.

Through its intuitive dashboards, Media provides an interactive interface with rich graphs and charts that allow users to quickly identify trends and relationships normally hidden in data.

Available in both Web and desktop client interfaces, Media facilitates analytical slicing and dicing, drill-downs, cross-dimensional calculations and forecasting to empower data analysis at all organizational levels.