HP e3000 Modernization

Legacy Management

At Fresche, Legacy Management is all about helping the client with their legacy applications whether that’s helping them maintain through outsource application support services, staffing to enhance the legacy apps or transforming it through one of our 6 modernization approaches. These approaches range from re-hosting and automated migration to re-architecture and replacement with COTS packages as well as retiring them through a decommissioning process.

Our portfolio of tools is made up of best of breed and proven solutions that support our Legacy Management approaches. Below is a list of some of the key tools in our portfolio.


AMXW (Automated Migration to UNIX and Windows) is a complete tool designed to migrate HP e3000 COBOL, SPL, C, FORTRAN, Pascal and Protos application environments to the HP 9000, Integrity Itanium, Windows, Linux, Sun or AIX platforms.


Speedware's DBmotion is an affordable database migration tool specifically designed to help companies easily migrate their TurboImage, KSAM and flat-file databases residing on the HP e3000 business server to Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server. DBmotion automates most of the conversion process, saving time and effort. Its features and underlying methodology are based on years of database migration experience.


Many companies rely on TurboIMAGE to manage their data on the HP e3000. Migrating to Eloquence, a system which is based on TurboImage and is compatible in UNIX, Windows or Linux environments, is an intuitive process. Developed and supported for the past 14 years by one of Speedware's business partners, Eloquence's compatibility with TurboIMAGE provides an easy and cost-effective migration path for HP e3000 business applications.