Field Resizing

Module: X-Resize
Automated Resizing: Database Field Expansion and Impact Report
There are a lot of factors that can influence the need for field re-sizing. Over time an organization’s requirements can change causing them to outgrow the current size of the fields in their databases. Field expansion creates numerous cascading changes throughout an application. This can make it almost impossible to perform manually as there are many code-related problems that can occur. Taking an automated approach with X-Resize removes the risk of human error, provides a detailed impact assessment for all instances for the resize project, eliminates the guess work and automatically handles all aspects of the resizing task.
The X-Resize tool that automatically resizes database fields and all fields in affected programs. X-Resize also provides highly detailed, customizable reports that analyze and document the impact of any resizing effort on the IBM i. X-Resize greatly reduces the risk involved in field re-sizing projects.