Database Modernization

Module: X-DB Modernize
Why Modernize? Why Move to DDL?

There are a variety of reasons to modernize. The two primary reasons are to take advantage of IBM’s latest database features while remaining on IBM i, and to make data more easily available to users. IBM no longer makes its newest database features available on DDS, so the move to DDL is essential. By moving to DDL, you are effectively opening up DB2 to your business. But the reasons for modernizing and moving to DDL don’t end there:
  • Resources are far more familiar with the DDL structure. Resources who know DDS are becoming more difficult to find
  • New DBAs understand DDL, not DDS
  • Performance is enhanced on DDL
  • Moving to DDL helps with strategic alignment throughout the enterprise, helping to bring older technology in line with newer
  • Data integrity features are significantly enhanced on DDL
  • Referential integrity is more robust on DDL
  • Modernized databases help begin the process of making information available through different means — modern UIs, mobile, cloud
  • Significantly increased security features are available on DDL