Application Modernization

Module: X-2E Modernize

CA 2E (Synon) applications can easily be converted to Java or RPG Free using X-2E Modernize

Since its introduction, CA 2E (Synon) has become the most successful 4GL tool on the IBM i platform. The CA 2E development environment combines a rich and precise model of designs and specifications with powerful code generation capabilities. Even with this powerful set of features, many companies now face real pressure to modernize their business applications beyond the scope and capability of what CA 2E can offer. The challenge is to move forward without discarding decades of investment in design, evolution and fine tuning stored in the CA 2E model. Fresche’s X-2E Modernize is the solution for modernizing any CA 2E application. X-2E Modernize automatically re-factors and generates an MVC Web application using OO methods in Java or RPG Free (Flex & Silverlight UI soon to be added). Fresche’s X-2E Modernize takes advantage of CA 2E application architecture to automatically convert applications.