For over 35 years, Fresche has offered innovative enterprise software solutions to businesses worldwide. Our complete portfolio of Legacy Application Modernization and Management products includes tools for analysis, productivity enhancement, automated code conversion, database modernization, and GUI, mobile and cloud enablement.

All of our products are designed to help you analyze, modernize and optimize your legacy application environment. Providing you with a 360-degree view of your existing application landscape, our automated products give you the the insight you need to analyze your IT and business situation, develop a modernization plan, and carry out your modernization needs.

And we are developers too. Thats why we build products that are simplistic, allow you to be productive quickly and are made with quality. 



Success Stories

  • Tenex - Analyzing supply chain performance.

  • Pages Jaunes moves from IBM Mainframe to Open Source with COBOL-IT Software

  • Re-hosting a BS2000 system on a leaner, more agile platform with minimal operational disruption and no functional change to existing application.