On-Demand Webinar: Newlook Shows Developers How IBM i Applications Work

If you're still delivering applications as green screens, you're not maximizing the business value you could be getting out of your IBM i.

What's stopping you from moving forward? Lack of resources? Risk? Not sure where to start?


Join us for this webinar to learn why Newlook Insights is the smartest route to a modern application. You'll see how Newlook Insights:

  • Instantly creates a GUI for your entire application
  • Tells you which screens to enhance for maximum business benefit
  • Gives you real insight into what the business needs
  • Offers you the tools to deliver results fast and with few resources

Newlook, with its new Insights feature, gives you an overview of what your users are actually doing within the application. 

This enables you to evolve your application and deliver productivity and efficiency gains where they are most needed.

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