Our Methodology

At Fresche Legacy we have three core principles that drive how all services are delivered: disciplined project management and governance; client needs as the main priority; and quality assurance as a key element at each step along the way.

Project Management

Transparency, accountability and consistency are paramount in terms of managing any project. At Fresche Legacy, we use disciplined project management, strict governance and a one-team approach to turn them into high art by featuring all of the following:

  • PMI-certified project managers
  • Escalation path from project or account manager through to CEO
  • Experience working with all levels of client resources up to C-level
  • Experience navigating change across all key project stakeholders
  • Transparent, regular, multifaceted communications
  • Governance and management touch-points throughout the project
  • Steering Committee and Change Review board participation at appropriate levels

At Fresche Legacy, we are proud to have 100% customer Referenceability.TM Our culture of accountability, our international, multiple-zone project experience and our zero finger-pointing policy make us the ideal candidate to carry out large-scale, complex projects.

Solutions That Meet Client Needs

We don’t just provide IT solutions. We provide IT solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. Bespoke IT, if you will. All of our solutions are comprehensive and completely integrated by design, featuring:

  • End-to-end one-vendor system integrator role
  • Collaboration from conception to deployment and beyond
  • Roadmaps to facilitate and ensure a clear solution path for the future
  • Expertise in technology integration
  • Strong, trust-based technology vendor partnerships
  • All possible care taken to minimize disruption to your staff and operations.

Quality Assurance Is King

We want our clients to know exactly what is happening and when so you have complete confidence that your project is on target and on schedule.

We establish criteria for success prior to launch and we position quality assurance checks at various points along the project roadmap. As a result, the outcome is readily predictable. And that’s the way we like it.

To achieve results like this, our process includes:

  • Testing workshops based on best practices
  • Test planning assistance
  • Early testing of staged deliverables
  • Defect management and reporting
  • SLA-driven follow-throughs
  • Testing tools and automation
  • Performance testing techniques
  • Configuration and release management processes
  • QA processes
  • Warranty post-deployment

Why use Fresche Legacy Professional Services?

Fresche Legacy Experience

Depending on your modernization project, you may not have all of the skills you need to carry out the project in-house. Most modernization projects require very specialized skill sets. Migrating or converting code is not a widely-held skill and is usually considered a one-time need. At Fresche Legacy, it’s our business to perform this type of work, and we have already seen and overcome every hurdle you’re likely to face.

In addition, we know the market, and can guide you safely and profitably through the whole modernization technology jungle. And we’re not kidding about ‘profitably.’ One of the cornerstones of our roadmapping process is to align IT to actively support business goals; Fresche also strives to identify project funding strategies that include deriving revenue from modernization-related business improvements.

Fresche Legacy Approach

At Fresche, we use a five-step approach that covers all aspects of your project. Look Think. Design. Do. Improve describes how we approach projects. It’s a life cycle that breaks down the risks and costs that are normally associated with modernization into smaller more manageable portions.

This end-to-end approach, while providing great predictability (a sincere compliment in the legacy management world), also makes the whole process more nimble which leads ultimately to more sustainable IT environments.