Each of these steps is an active approach to future proofing your business and the technologies that support it. We call these steps The Fresche Approach, and it is a life cycle that breaks down the risks and costs normally associated with modernization in to smaller more manageable portions. This end-to-end approach, while providing great predictability (a compliment in the legacy management world), also makes the whole process more nimble which leads ultimately to more sustainable IT environments. Because we aren’t about temporary fixes. We’re about assessing your challenges and providing strategic solutions that will integrate your IT environment into your business goals. Clients can use the approach from concept to maintenance, or choose the individual step that fits best with their current needs. Whatever the case, we provide our clients with a single point of responsibility, or one throat to choke as they say. However, with our 100% referenceability track record, we’ve never been short of breath.

Our team of dedicated IT professionals’ work to solve your most challenging IT problems and enable your company for success. Leveraging technology, industry expertise, knowledge and know-how, Fresche  Legacy has developed a proven methodology that is used as the base delivery of all our professional service engagements. This methodology was developed based on years of experience and industry best practices, and is focused on scope management, customer satisfaction and efficient services delivery.  It allows us to enable our customers with quick realization of business goals while promoting less risk, reduced costs, and greater efficiency.