We deliver outstanding application support services. Bottom line. Our entire support structure is built around improving your experience. We extend your team with our fully outsourced Application Services or staff augmentation.

Fresche Legacy provides outsourcing options for companies facing rising application maintenance costs and tightening IT budgets. Combine these issues with the day-to-day IT challenges that consume time and resources, and outsourced application support becomes the answer for many IT executives. Our combined Onshore, Near shore and offshore capabilities will provide the flexibility to meet every need. Fresche Legacy’s portfolio of services has grown to include many types of application support services designed to help you remain competitive and build the outsourcing model that makes sense for you.

Application Support Services Offering

We pay attention to the details. All the details. Our deep experience in the field has given us the ability to be prepared for anything.

Below are the wide range of Application Support Services we offer with the depth and breadth to support your current and evolving needs.


There are many reasons why you might want to outsource part or all of your maintenance. Whether it’s fiscally beneficial or technological mandatory, we have the highly skilled professionals you need to manage the complexity of any project. We are fully capable of assuming the responsibility for your technologies in a way that will create greater value and improved performance.


The team at Fresche Legacy is composed of the brightest minds in the world of IT.

We employ people who are masters of legacy technology and who are also adept in new systems and code. We also have staff on hand that speak multiple languages. So, when they aren’t speaking ones and zeroes, they’ll be able to communicate with you and your business in a way that everyone will understand. And that’s important because we place primacy of importance on customer support. We make sure we understand exactly what you’re saying so we can deliver exactly what you want.  

We are able to ramp up quickly to provide the expertise you need, when you need it.  Through our network of partners who complement our internal Tech Centre, we manage an active external bench of resources for on-shore, near-shore and offshore models.

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