4. DO


Once your strategy is in place and your goals have been identified, it’s time to execute the action plan. Of course we provide the complete suite of abilities to transform and enhance your infrastructure, from partial modernizations to total migrations, but we go a step further. Our solutions are holistic and fully integrated by design, which means that your business needs are always being served. Quality assurance is integrated into every aspect of every service, be it disciplined project management, strict governance, or our one-team approach. We take pride in knowing that our results are always predictable.


Project Implementation Process

At this point we unleash a focused multi-phase plan to ensure the highest project quality and an outcome that delivers the business benefit you need at the lowest possible level of risk.

The Start-up

Here you’ll see us lay all of the groundwork that will enable the project to get up to speed as quickly as possible. We’ll create a project communication portal, set up all necessary tracking and monitoring tools, and validate that the planned technologies work.

The Execution

We employ automation wherever possible to ensure cost savings and maximum efficiency in order to transform your applications. We also offer incremental deliverables so that we streamline development, testing, and remediation of resources along the way. And we make sure to implement execution methods that sync your old environment with your new one.

Putting it to the Test

Quality assurance is second nature at Fresche Legacy. We make certain to correct any outstanding issues at this point so that each subsequent step can be successful. And we offer several levels of testing according to your needs. There’s no reason to stress, Fresche is on the case.


At this point we begin transferring knowledge to you and your team. We lead the training so that you understand the ins and outs of the project and have the ability to maintain it once it’s been deployed.

Deployment Prep

Push the button. Flip the switch. And just like that, the new system is activated and the old one is turned off. At Fresche Legacy, we’re capable of supporting many deployment models from phased to ‘big bang’ options. Our employees are on call and on site, alongside your staff, to ensure that the entire process runs as seamlessly as it’s supposed to.  We establish multiple checkpoints and we’ll run any additional testing as required.

Managing the Project

We have an incredibly detailed 30-step project management template based on methodology to ensure we achieve the absolute highest level of quality. And our PMI-certified project managers have vast levels of international and multiple project experience.

Success Stories