We provide the creativity and thought leadership necessary to design the future state of your IT infrastructure. The process requires a full examination of all existing technology components and then identifies and architects solutions that achieve your goals.


Approaches to Address your IT Future-State

We focus on understanding your business needs to recommend the right combination of approaches to manage your IT. Fresche's application management solutions for IBM i and other mid-range options help your company stay agile while pointing you in the right direction.

These are the most critical aspects and they receive our complete attention. This might be our bread and butter, but we don’t take anything for granted here. Each project is unique and we plan accordingly.


Manage and maintain your IT in its current state. Fresche offers various approaches depending on the desired business goal. There are several strategies that can be leveraged where the business applications are maintained as is. For example, engaging outside support or application services can often reduce costs while maintaining or even slowly modernizing your systems. Our team of advisors will work with you to determine the best approach, tailored to your needs.

Automated Migration

We transform code and data automatically, modernizing your system to take advantage of new technology and better support your business goals. We modernize using automated tools while leveraging and maintaining the business processes and structure in the existing applications.


Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

This process wraps existing programs with services that can help improve developer productivity and streamline your systems. Writing a line of code once allows for better efficiency in coding standards, processes and more flexible design. Fresche's SOA solutions increase an organization's flexibility and responsiveness by using industry-standard methods and technologies to help identify, package and reutilize key application components across the organization.


Replacement with a Package (COTS)

Segments of your system can be replaced by a package. The Fresche team works with partners to help identify whether a COTS application is the best strategy to replace certain parts of your existing systems. There are several benefits that can be achieved, such as gaining standardized functionality with more responsiveness, shorter time to market, and in some cases, at lower cost than custom-made solutions. Packaged solutions are often a good fit for companies that have highly regulated domains or where the custom applications contain very standard business processes that meet your needs.
COTS can be cost-effective and introduce new technologies, but may not fit all businesses.


Tool-Assisted Re-write (Re-Architect)

This process allows you to recover business content and implement it in a new technology. It maximizes cost reduction, agility and use of SOA. We use tools to capture business processes, business rules, and all the elements that are key to operating your business. We leverage that crucial knowledge when we re-architect your systems to include over 95% of the business processes that you had before, reduce your technology footprint, and move to a more open system. We add new applications and keep all the existing business logic that you need to run your business.

Success Stories

  • Smooth Sailing for Virginia International Terminals

  • High Marks for Migration Tools

  • International financials package migrates to meet market demands.

  • Fresche allowed Tenex to redevelop applications in a matter of months, not years.

  • Giant Televised Retailer sold on Fresche Legacy services

  • A+ for Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana migration project.

  • Lewis Bakeries - A Fresche Quick Start Success Story.

  • ING Australia Lowers IT Costs With Migration Strategy.

  • Express migration for Expeditors.

  • CT3

    CT3 Inc. migrated applications to the HP-UX platform and won new contracts.

  • The City of Phoenix’s successful database modernization allowed them to become compliant, reduce business risk and liability.

  • The San Francisco Department of Public Health uses Fresche’s Business Intelligence software to analyze and report on patient data and billing by healthcare providers.

  • Fresche Legacy Delivers an Effective Migration Strategy for CCPUD

  • Chandler Unified School District - A Fresche Quick Start Success Story.

  • A modernization Roadmap allowed AIG Hawaii to assess the available options regarding the costs and effort involved in a future migration initiative.

  • XFRAME and COBOL-IT Power Ahold Mainframe Modernization.

  • Yale decreases costs and increases performance with rehost.