As strategic consultants, we not only think about your IT environment, we think about your business environment. We believe your IT infrastructure should do more than support your business – it should provide opportunities for growth. Therefore we engage in broader conversations detailing your business objectives that in turn inform a customized modernization strategy. We provide complete project planning, resourcing, cost rationalization, and more. We also ensure a project’s viability before it begins.



This strategic consulting service provides a high-level business abstraction of your IT legacy. The roadmap identifies potential business refactoring, where to start, optimal modernization activities, and provides everything you need to engage stakeholders and secure funding for your modernization program.

Cost Rationalization

You need to know the fiscal viability of a project before it starts, and you need those numbers to be accurate. A cost rationalization will not only include an estimate of the project cost, it will also provide projected savings and the ROI achieved through modernization.


Success Stories

  • A modernization Roadmap allowed AIG Hawaii to assess the available options regarding the costs and effort involved in a future migration initiative.

  • Fresche Legacy Delivers an Effective Migration Strategy for CCPUD

  • The City of Phoenix’s successful database modernization allowed them to become compliant, reduce business risk and liability.

  • ING Australia Lowers IT Costs With Migration Strategy.

  • Lewis Bakeries - A Fresche Quick Start Success Story.

  • Giant Televised Retailer sold on Fresche Legacy services

  • Fresche allowed Tenex to redevelop applications in a matter of months, not years.

  • High Marks for Migration Tools

  • Smooth Sailing for Virginia International Terminals

  • Yale decreases costs and increases performance with rehost.