X-Analysis Professional

Gives You the Core Functionality of Automated Documentation and Impact Analysis

Unlocking valuable knowledge on the IBM i

The knowledge and information contained in your organization’s business software has been accumulated over many years and is extremely valuable. This information covers the operation, metrics, and design of the software but is often tantalizingly just out of reach.

Without this knowledge, maintenance and changes to the system are not as efficient or effective as they could be, and the risk of problems increases exponentially the larger the enhancement required. This can lead to paralysis, where changes aren’t made due to a lack of confidence in the outcome.


Business benefit of X-Analysis Professionnal

Accurate and current information about an entire system can greatly improve the productivity of your IT staff and reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need to research, catalog and assemble the information manually for each service request or modernization project.

X-Analysis Professional is the foundation for any decision you need to make about the applications running on your IBM i. Complete, automated analysis and documentation coupled with impact analysis smooth the path to efficient, well-managed development.


Automated Application Documentation and Impact Analysis

For the past 20 years, X-Analysis has given users critical insight into applications running on IBM i to help them better maintain, enhance and evolve those applications and better support business. X-Analysis Professional provides analysts, developers, architects and operations teams with detailed analysis and interactive diagrams that enable an in-depth understanding of RPG and COBOL applications and data. This suite of tools is used to document, analyze, abstract and describe systems in a simple and easy-to-understand manner that can then be shared throughout the organization, even with members who do not understand RPG, COBOL, or any programming language at all.


Introduction to X-Analysis Professional

Understanding an IBM i application is not always easy, especially if developers are not familiar with the system or if the documentation is not clear. In these cases, the system’s source code is the only resource, and understanding it is a critical factor in managing and developing the system. X-Analysis Professional also allows developers to analyze and document their systems in detail, extract design information and easily update the base system, even if they aren’t expert in the language it was programmed in. In addition to fully documenting IBM i applications, X-Analysis provides organizations with the ability to perform impact analysis. This identifies all areas that would be impacted by any code changes, saving time and removing the risks typically associated with modifying code.

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