Why Work at Fresche Legacy

We can’t be the absolute best if we don’t hire the absolute best! We are always looking for highly motivated, energetic, creative individuals who work well in a fast-moving team environment and are committed to excellence. People who have a passion to create, add value, satisfy our customers. Individuals who like to wear different hats and take on new challenges. Thinking out of the box with a focus on innovation and managing in a competitive environment are key requirements.

We know that creativity and ingenuity thrive best when it’s nurtured and rewarded. We nurture our employees and their families when they join our Fresche family, as we believe that if we take care of you, you in turn will take care of our customers and us. That‘s why we offer the kinds of benefits that make a positive difference for our employees and their families. That's why we provide comprehensive, thoughtful benefits and programs, as well as fun and exciting social activities.

As a company we also give back to the community through charitable work and participation in local initiatives, as we firmly believe that every one of us can become a force for good if we choose.

Our organizational culture is relaxed yet acutely focused; our goal is to continue to be the only 100% referenceable IT legacy shop in the industry. We know what that takes and we’re willing to do it. Being the best is who we are, and that’s who you should be, too. Join us today and enjoy the many benefits of working with an organization that celebrates the power of people.

P.S. Fresche is an old French word meaning Fresh. We chose it, not for its fancy spelling, but because it reminds us of where we’re from and it speaks to how we see the future – bright and new. This vision of being rooted yet visionary also happens to be the way we see Legacy Management. It’s far more about the future then it is about the past.