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BeNeLux Power 2016 bills itself as Europe’s smartest IBM Power expo and conference, and we certainly agree! There was so much there to benefit attendees, from technical training to latest trends to tips and “how-to” advice from industry leaders.

Application modernization is a realistic IT initiative, right? Especially now-a-days with all of the open source, mobile and web capability that’s available on IBM i. Weren’t we surprised to find out what some organizations really think about modernization!

After seeing researchers successfully clone a sheep, this was the first thought that crossed my mind: “If we could clone IBM i developers, our problems would be solved.” The population of legacy developers is rapidly dwindling and, when you have only a few RPG or COBOL developers left, the prospect of trying to replace one of them is daunting.

Competitive companies are always looking for ways to reduce costs and increase revenues – and this business reality strongly affects the IT department. Unless your company uses technology (including your IBM i) to its full potential, your business runs the risk of being left behind by the competition.

At face value, the significant cost savings made possible through outsourcing is a difficult business proposition to resist for many IT organizations. On the other hand, companies that turn to outsourcing often end up experiencing substandard quality and a loss of IT control.

As the number of active RPG programmers and administrators dwindles due to promotions, retirement and attrition, companies will struggle to retain sufficient development resources to maintain and develop their System i applications.

There continues to be irony in the fact that IT organizations – run by the very people responsible for building excellent business software to accurately manage assets and inventory – so regularly disregard the value of using this same inventory management concept when managing their own software assets.

Reducing operational costs. That’s the most obvious goal of any modernization project. But it should not be the only goal. A truly successful modernization project will align your IT goals with your business goals so that you create future value through new market generation, improved customer retention and more.

With iModernize, application migration requires description files and the source code for RPG and CL applications. Within a comprehensive desktop, the sources from the AS/400 are collected and translated into Java or C#. Java or .NET compilers then translate the generated sources before iModernize adds a run-time environment that emulates AS/400-specific components...

The French Ministry of Finance (DGFiP) has taken another significant step in the usage of open source software in its IT systems, moving the management of the entire Value Added Tax (VAT) system on to COBOL-IT’s open source COBOL solution...