Who We Are / History

Never standing still Fresche Legacy, formerly Speedware, has been innovating since 1976. The year Rocky won best picture of the year and the summer Olympics rocked Montreal.

In the eighties, Fresche  Legacy's enterprise application development technology helped businesses automate and streamline their IT operations. During the nineties, we pioneered Web application development with the release of Speedware Autobahn, and acquired our Business Intelligence flagship products, Media and Esperant. At the turn of the century, we created MobileDev, the world’s first enterprise wireless application development tool. 

Through the years, we have offered a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to support improved application development and productivity for midrange systems.  We became a market leader and trusted advisor helping more than 5000 companies worldwide to improve I.T.

The acquisition of Databorough in 2013, complemented Fresche Legacy’s brand and leadership position within the IBM i marketplace, and broadened the product portfolio to include X-Analysis, an industry-leading solution for knowledge mining and application reuse for Synon, RPG and COBOL on the IBM i.

Today we’re an internationally recognized full-lifecycle legacy management company that partners with many global leaders such as IBM, Microsoft, and HP.  We are experts in legacy management, offering solutions that improve the quality, productivity and sustainability of the technologies that support business in IT. Most importantly, we provide a single point of responsibility from concept to maintenance. And we guarantee results!

We don’t report to anybody but you, the client. We are self-owned, and that means you are always working with people who are accountable and obsessed with getting it right the first time.