Corporate Overview

The Business Need

Businesses today need to improve their agility, grow revenues, increase their competitiveness, and enable new levels of customer satisfaction. A well crafted and executed legacy management and optimization strategy allows enterprises to harness the power of legacy systems – still the workhorses of many an enterprise – while leveraging modern technologies such as SOA, mobility and the Cloud to streamline and modernize the application portfolio. This approach enables businesses to better meet changing user demands, reduce maintenance costs, mitigate potential compliance risk, and eliminate redundancy.

What We Do

As a leading expert in legacy management and modernization, Fresche Legacy helps enterprise organizations optimize their business to improve financial performance, increase market competitiveness, remove risk and add business value. Our team of experts has successfully helped over 5500 companies to future-proof their business by modernizing their business processes, technologies, applications, and methodologies, including some of the most complex enterprise environments. Committed to 100 percent customer satisfaction, Fresche Legacy’s products and services span the complete legacy management spectrum from concept to maintenance, and include Discovery Services, Modernization Solutions, and Application Management Services & Transformation.

Our Approach

Our Fresche Approach Methodology, developed and honed during our client engagements, is targeted at helping enterprises future-proof the business and the technologies that support it. By breaking down the risks and costs typically associated with modernization efforts into smaller more manageable portions, we provide our clients with greater predictability and flexibility, which allows the business to adapt to changing market demands and results in a more sustainable IT environment. Our business is not about providing clients with a temporary fix. Rather, we'll provide long term strategic answers that address today's most pressing business challenges, allowing IT to support the business in achieving its strategic goals.

Our Services

Fresche Legacy’s products and services span the complete legacy management spectrum from concept to maintenance, and include Discovery Services, Modernization Solutions, and Application Management Services & Transformation. Depending on requirements and budget, clients can leverage the Fresche Approach from concept to maintenance, or engage with the specific service that fits best with their current needs.


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